At Pen and Lens Design, we maintain that images shape culture—we make the complex clear, the old new, the formless real, and the aesthetic prevalent. Through strategic thinking, sophisticated form making, and critical engagement, our transverse approach of both physical and digital methods enables us to create successful visual and brand identities, books and editorials, environmental and wayfinding graphics, and communication programs.


Pen and Lens Design is run by Kaleb Dean— a graphic designer with an MDes from the School of Design at The University of Illinois at Chicago. The work focuses on brand and identity projects, informational publication design, and innovative interaction design. He is an Instructor of Design at Trinity Christian College where he teaches the foundations of graphic design, typography, and interaction design. Some publications include Organized Salad (2017), One: (2017), Typism (2017) and Goodtype, The Book (2016).

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